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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

these dudes' got issues

Purely on whim, I googled "Nepal" and "blog" and came up with an interesting number of hits, the most conspicuous and interesting being blogdai - a blogger who seems to have been around for a number of years. Blogdai is an anonymous blogger who has an interesting take ( a rather conservative one) on current Nepalese politics and associated geopolitics. A few seem to have tried to find out the true identity of blogdai but efforts were futile.

Another blogger of note, pradhyapak (I wonder if s/he is undergoing a severe bout of constipation or has a cob stuck up you know where; thus the very anal nature of the blog).

I do respect freedom of speech but when your rants are derisive, blogging resorts to slander, and blogs are used as a tool for vendetta against an institution or person, its about time you give it a rest and resort to pillow bashing instead.

I guess some or most of the allegations (1, 2) against the Vice Chancellor and the Senior Management team of Kathmandu University may be true, but I guess even the devil needs a pee break... :-o

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