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Monday, 10 December 2007

I pronounce you Chuck and Larry [Homophobic America??]

I pronounce you Chuck and Larry just made to my list of late night movies. I laughed and clapped throughout the movie. Now it does strike me as odd, because it was too late in the night for such antics.

I couldn't help but feel sorry for the homophobic Americans that the movie depicts. The usual Adam Sandler gang repeatedly punctuate the screen with brief appearances. There's Rob Schneider, David Spade among others. Kevin James and Adam Sandler were very funny but Kevin was definitely funnier in Hitch. And to top it off there's Ving Rhames in a very unusual role - a gay guy!!! The whole movie revolves around a very sensitive issue - homosexuality and is very well presented. There's a tad bit of drama and a hint of a love story. After the movie, I realised that I had been waiting for such an entertaining movie for quite some time now. Over all it was an entertaining flick and I would not mind having seconds.

Here's a punch line by Adam Sandler (Larry) that I found very sticky. -"The accepted vernacular is gay." [Said while punching a minister who is protesting against homosexuality]

P.S. :Maybe I was too hasty while drawing a title for the post, but who cares?


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