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Saturday, 1 December 2007

I am facebooking, aren't you?

Its been some time now, facebook seems to have developed into a completely addictive surfing habit. Its not just me, its almost everybody that I know. My friends from high school, friends from college, colleagues at the office, you name 'em and they're in it.

Everybody is all raves about this new social networking tool.

We are even talking of facebook apps in real life,like
how many more in your army before you're an ancient vampire?

I am sure those still free from the facebook bug get bewildered at our pseudo-nerdy talk, and go "these guys are nuts."

I kick you, Vampires, Slayers, Superpoke are few of the apps on facebook that I frequent besides ilike, and iread. Its about sharing your musical tastes, your bibliophilic inclinations. and is just not limited to sharing bookmarks on or stumbleupon or digg.

Its definitely revolutionary of some sorts and Mr. Zuckerberg seems to have acquired quite a lot of moolah at a relatively young age for having developed it.
A stellar effort dude.

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