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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Corporate Shirks Environment Responsibility (Ecowatch)!!!

Gorkha brewery hit the news lately (for those unenlightened few, it's the brewery that manufactures Tuborg and Carlsberg and San Miguel beer in my country and yes Gorkha Beer and Jolly shandy as well). The Himalayan times reported that scientists from IAS Rampur found that Gorkha Brewery and Bhrikuti Paper mills were responsible for the altered water quality status in the Narayani River.

Why mention Gorkha Brewery and not Bhrikuti paper mills? The latter is and has always been highlighted and save the fact that it is a run down bankrupt company, the former makes quite a big deal about its stringent quality standards.

"....Due to stringent quality control specifications that Gorkha Brewery follows, ........ The entire brewing is strictly maintained and controlled as per the Carlsberg Breweries, Copenhagen standards used worldwide with the help of a state-of-the-art laboratory and a computer
controlled production process...." from

The gorkha brewery plant in Nawalparasi also boasts of an expensive full fledged waste water treatment plant, which is often showcased to visitors.

Tried my hands at finding the news article that reported of the incident, but searching archived material in the Himalayan Times website isn't exactly "a cup of tea". Guess, we will have to take my word for it. If Gorkha Brewery wants to have a go at me for slander, I say bring it on. Litigation isn't great about Nepal either.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Google Hottrends

Google trends publishes a daily list of key words people key in everyday across the world; Google hot trends provides an hourly update of the same.

Every time we key in search terms in Google, we also end up providing Google with information regarding our search patterns and interests. While hunting for information on the Google search engine or simply Googling for information, internet users end up dishing out information on the world's favourite on a particular hour/day.

Google also directs traffic to our sites for matching keyword searches. For instance, anyone searching for fafda jalebi will somehow drop into my blog, if s/he has the patience to go through at least the top ten results in his/her google search.

And with this little information that I have gathered, I am about to experiment and am still ambivalent about the results. nevertheless here goes nothings.

The bottom line, "I am desparate for cheap publicity, (I basically copy pasted today's key words listed on the Google hottrends.

P.S.: I have a sinking feeling that I might regret this someday :D

dualistic deity
infidel author
world aids day
martin chuzzlewit
jon tenuta
worlds smallest horse
army navy game
utah road conditions
john paul jones arena
joe ely
kid concoctions
sound advice amphitheater
buzz bake sale
des moines airport
atlanta christmas parade
navi rawat
hannah montana movie tickets
roger of cheers
miss world 2007
neiman marcus parade
bryce jordan center
adolphus parade
memphis marathon
durango mountain resort
robbie knievel
wolf creek ski area
destination truth
new england auto show
proof of life
early warning laser and radar detector
aaja nachle lyrics
christmas tree farms
who can it be now
wcco weather
john nash
dickens on the strand
chrismas songs
eppley airfield
tickets unlimited
hot blooded lyrics
sec championship
george strait tickets
van halen tickets
bad santa
jerid sturman camyn
iowa dot
patricia heaton
omaha weather
reindeer run
neopets advent calendar
kcrg weather
daniel tosh
les miles
coming to america
evil knievel
national hiv testing day
dv 2009
dv lottery
super skinny me
a beautiful mind
hr 1955
taylor stevens
iowa weather
bill rancic
walk on by
nebraska department of roads
sarah chalke
erik von detten
michigan service tax
jeremiah johnson
blackberry desktop software
greek peak
ice breakers pacs
flashdance lyrics
ew 5015
zoey zander
december 1
december boys

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