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Monday, 27 July 2009

Panoramic image from Muktinath, Mustang

A compact digital camera, high resolution photos of landscapes from the Muktinath area, free software with a wonderful free algorithm.

What do you get?
A panoramic photo as a showcase for your blog! Hurray!

View from a bench inside the Mukti chhetra

I found this wonderful stitching software (Hugin) on  Wikipedia's  Graphics  labs. It allows you to stitch images together into one big panoramaic image (see above)

If you know what projections are and don't mind tinkering with software, a panoramic image is just a breeze.

P.S.: Would not recommend it if you are running low on processing power.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A longer than expected day hike!

A day hike from Lakuri bhanjyang to Godavari turned out longer than expected. This happened because of an unanticipated Pani Puja/Jatra that ensued at Godavari leading us to lengthen our hike another four or more kilometres all the way to Hari Siddhi. This was also partly due to the extended breaks the group took along the way and three stragglers (me included) who always fell behind.

A more detailed break down is available on the map. :D

View Larger Map

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