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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Letterman on Global Warming: "We're Dead Meat" [video]

wonderfully placed!!

Originally from desmogblog

Sunday, 21 September 2008

blame it on the climate (Part deux)!!

I shared my earlier post - "Blame it on the climate!", with quite a number of friends and most seem to have misjudged my stance on climate change. I have never denied that climate change/global warming is an issue. The only bothersome aspect about climate change lies in the communication - the fear mongering and association of all calamities with climate change. Things are often blown out of proportions and lately, climate change is such a hyped deal that every freak incident of nature has been dumped on it; it is so much easier to simply blame it on the climate.

A recent statement by the RSPCA in Melbourne, blamed climate change for the sudden increase in the population of feral cats! I wonder why this surge in feral cat numbers could not be attributed to the possibility of poor animal control, negligence, improper waste control among others. Another such statement is from scientists who have drawn connections between the occurrence of kidney stones with Climate Change.

Yet another statement of a similar nature but of rather macabre implications is the statement from the UN secretary general himself, in which he blames climate change for the mass-murders in the Darfur region in Sudan. His statement implied that the incursion from Arab Muslims into black owned territory, government sponsored serfdom, failed diplomacy, vested interests etc were secondary and temporal factors unlike climate change which was the underlying culprit. This is better explained by Stephan Faris's article -The Real Roots of Darfur.

The latter (Darfur explaination) is better geared and more plausible than the earlier assertion blaming climate for the horny cats.

Reasserting my contention yet again, Climate change is a real deal and global warming is dead on. However, linking every freak of nature on climate is the norm today. This may provide momentum for Climate action, but in the long run will hamper the science behind climate change. People are already asking questions due to the alarmist nature. Even the sacrosanct IPCC reports has been constantly challenged. An opinion piece in a leading Irish paper, questioned the involvement of the purported 2500 scientists who reviewed the 2007 IPCC report and claimed that only a handful few were involved in reviewing the report. At times, media has often misconstrued statements from scientists to squelch climate change science.

In all this confusion that climate science has garnered to date, what if, (excuse my extreme optimism) in this very natural process of climate variability/climate change, we all adapt into more resilient species and survive the dreaded climate change and fit snugly into the contorted picture of the future that has been shoved into our heads?

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Ignorance is bliss!!

Ignorance is bliss, or is it?

What if, we were all oblivious to the pesticides, antibiotics in our food, the smoke/smog in our atmosphere, the toxins in the drinking water and the problems with all our daily lives (carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, "tennis elbow") and a lot others.

Wouldn't life have been more simpler and easier without the knowledge of all these problems?

Knowing about these problems only makes you more wary and ever more cautious.
Ooh! shouldn't be doing this... i would contract that..
and the likes

Trying to avoid contracting one of the many diseases associated with modern life (by modern, I mean our amenity driven lives) itself causes stress.

Then, I start to wonder, what if I knew nothing of it! Ignorance alone would save me from knowing about so many problems and without having known about it, I would never worry about it.

That said,
if we didn't know cigarettes killed or lead (Pb) lead to mutation in babies, a majority of us would still be smoking happily and painting our houses with lead-based paint. I guess this would be one of the many joys of being cognisant.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Global e-conference on "Culture and Risk: Understanding the Socio-Cultural Settings that Influence Risk from Natural Hazards"

Yet another e-conference from International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and the Mountain Forum Secretariat (MFS) (Nepal) after the Mountain GIS e-Conference.

This time, the theme is different as it has much to do with Culture and Risk and leans towards the socio-cultural aspects unlike the earlier conference which focussed on a rather technical component - Geospatial sciences and its use within the mountain context.

The global e-conference on "Culture and Risk: Understanding the Socio-Cultural Settings that Influence Risk from Natural Hazards" is scheduled from 22 Sept to 3 October 2008.

Check out more details are available at:

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