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Monday, 31 December 2007

Installed Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy on my desktop [finally]

I had been meaning to install Ubuntu on my system just to get a crack at it (its been ages since my last Red Hat 6 installation), but never mustered up the patience to actually sit through a full installation.

I registered and mail ordered a free copy of the Gutsy version from Canonical Ltd @ Doubting Nepal's delayed mail service, often resulting in mails arriving 6 months after the post marked date, I downloaded the Ubuntu 7.10 iso from, burnt it onto a DVD, but was still procrastinating on the Ubuntu installation.

I guess yesterday, was the day to be. I went through the full installation in two goes; two goes because the DVD I received all the way from Holland did not work, hence the expression - free does not mean served on a platter :-(). So, I resorted to the other DVD to reinstall Ubuntu. Save a few kinks, the installation went fine.

Logged into my Ubuntu system, I realized that I was very much handicapped, without most of the application I am accustomed to on my windows platform. And when it comes to linux after 6 years, my knowledge is very rusty and needs a lot of reacquainting to. I could not even connect to the internet from the Ubuntu system. I only found howto entries to wifi connections, not to the conventional LANs.

So inspite of having installed Ubuntu on my system, Ubuntu will have to wait I guess.


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