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Monday, 3 December 2007

random photoshop antics

I was browsing through stuff in my old hard drive and some how managed to fish out this e-card that I made some time during last year (or the year before last) for my sister in law's birthday and figured it would make a funny post.

It is made a composite of roughly 10 or more images taken over different times and places . The final pictures has family members holding a big plague wishing her a happy birthday.

Here's what is written on the plaque
Aging does seems like a wonderful phenomenon
suddenly you have wrinkles where you had dimples
Everyday is a bad hair day

Highlighting your hair is an everyday necessity
Lard is not just part of your diet but very much a part of you
And there is more, lifting your a$$ is no more the same
(Apparenlty, there is more of it)

Nevertheless, it is also indicative of you wising up
its a sign of you emerging stronger and intelligent
wiser by experience through the things you have seen
and the things you have been through
Nobody can give you that or take it away from you
You are now what your years have made you
for better than for worse
You are stronger and ready to kick a$$

Happy birthday

The picture of the baby rhino "Beauty" was taken during a field visit in Chitwan. She along with another rhino are now in an Austrian zoo courtesy our Crown prince.


Sapana said...

good work yar!

"You are what your years have made you"

It was a wonderful wish!!

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