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Friday, 20 July 2007

made myself visible on facebook!

Finally, am there after so much ranting from people about facebook this, facebook that! And now, yes I am on facebook and i must say its impressive.
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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

testing my revamped blog

see if it works?

And it did. Using FeedBurner for the first time. It lets you have all these neat links underneath each article/blog post. It also lets you syndicate your posts so that you can actually have people subscribe to your posts via RSS or atom and keeps track of the same as well. Seemed pretty off the charts for starters, but the beauty of it was all this "revamping" was done simply by reading, pointing and clicking. Very hassle free, if I may say so.

The information superhighway at your fingertips. Couldn't have been any easier.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

fire sale! Everything must go!

Saturday - the laziest day of the week!!

I was supposed to enjoy a lazy weekend afternoon watching Die Hard 4.0 with my friends. Being a mere fifteen minutes away from the theatre, I decided to walk the distance. Off the alley and onto the road, I realised a lot less vehicles plying on the road. Supposing a holiday spirit had taken on people, I carried on towards my destination. On reaching the theatre, much to my chagrin and my friends' amusement, I realised that the "Transport Entrepreneurs of Nepal" had announced a transport strike. Hence, the negligent number of vehicles.

Well, I managed to watch the movie. It was interesting to see a behemoth of a country brought down on its knees by a crew of neat hackers. Starting by crippling the transport system, followed by complete chaos in the financial markets, a "fire sale" caused a total shut down of utility services like gas, water and electricity. The shots were dramatic, and the hypothetical systemic breakdown of the United States of America was shown in neatly choreographed sequences.

It made me wonder, what it would be like, if ever such an incident were to happen in Nepal. Considering we are already with an almost empty state coffer, have intermittent bouts of availability of utilities like petroleum, electricity and water (bare human essentials), you would never need a team of hackers to bring transport to a stand still - you would only need to dress up as a policeman and slap a taxi driver. Apparently, that was the reason why our "Transport Entrepreneurs of Nepal" called a strike.

In Nepal, it is fairly easy to disrupt our system (if there ever were one). Lately, strikes are intermittent like the monsoonal rain; you do not need much to start a strike! A personal feud fuels the drive and before you know a a strike ensues- agitators forcibly close down shops, vandalise public property and well a total lock down occurs. All you need is a plausible reason to redirect the people's frustrations and there you have it. People pour out onto the roads, stop traffic and life comes to a standstill.

I often find out about who is responsible for the strike and what their demands were, well after the strike is over. I consider myself mildly well-informed, and it makes me wonder how people less fortunate than me manage.

This is Nepal (TIN) and I am loving it :-)

Thursday, 12 July 2007

make money while you surf???

I don't know much about the Web 2.0 boom. Apparently, its all about the user intervention- managing the web as a platform so that users can create and update the content as per their wishes and ability. And all of a sudden, the social networking sites are a Craze; hi5, Orkut to name a few. Google™ bought Youtube™ for quite a tidy sum. And facebox netlog seems to getting equally popular. Everybody seems to be making money that goes off the charts.

So in my endless pursuit for some spare pocket change, I am supporting some venture capitalist in promoting their venture. AGLOCO™ is this company started by a few guys from Stanford that will give members money simply for surfing. Their slogan goes Own the internet. Too good to believe? I read about the company and it seems that a majority of the founders of this company are the same guys who came up with a similar idea during the dot-com bubble burst - AllAdvantage. AllAdvantage seems to have made quite a buzz earlier and paid out $160 million to its members before finally fizzling out in 2001.

promises to pay its members initially in terms of company shares convertible into cash through the bank accounts or through Paypal. They are still writhing about a trademarked software called Viewbar™ which will monitor your surfing habits and generate revenue from ad agencies and cut members into the profit. It has created quite a buzz, but the sad part is Viewbar™ has still not made it (its still under development). People are promoting it and so am I. I have nothing to lose in promoting this "freemium" and hopefully I will gain something out of it. This time around when AGLOCO™ dishes out $160 million I want my piece of the pie:-)

To read what made me to register with AGLOCO™, go here>>

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Friday, 6 July 2007


Its impressive, how people find ways to kill time, nevertheless very creative ways.....

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Monday, 2 July 2007

love india

Govt. Authorised Bhang Shopphoto by Tom Maisey on flickr

A bhang shop in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.Rajastan (from:Wikipedia)

Bhang is made from marijuana and is often smoked or mixed in a cool beverage or sweets and served/sold on Holi and Shiva Ratri across the South Asian sub continent. The sweetness and the Bhang are considered a highly potent mixture that gives a real high.

Sale of Bhang is illegal across most states in India, except during Shiva ratri and Holi when the law is more lenient, and yet in the photo above the vendor is showcasing the govt. authorised sign.


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