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Thursday, 28 February 2008

What is Branding?

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Apparently, branding is not just stamping your butt cheek with a red hot iron (as they normally do with cattle) or getting the name of your brand magically tattooed on your butt cheeks so they etch out "Tenacious D".

The corporate terminology supposedly encompasses a lot more; changes in the make of a product viz. the use of colours, type faces (fonts) such that the final visual appeal is immediately identifiable to a certain product or an organization. For an organization, branding implies use of predefined templates across websites/web pages, stationary, publications and all visible paraphernalia (brochures, visiting cards, calendars, etc.) adhering to a logo and set palette of colours, brandishing in unison a common visual identity.

How am I suddenly enlightened on such a concept? Repeat introductions from our program head, and following today's interactions with a branding consultant who's been at it for over a decade, I am suddenly an enlightened man. I also have myself convinced that we are looking forward towards a definite facelift. This also makes me ponder, since this exercise is likely to be an expensive one, how often will a corporation need one?

On a personal note, we seem to have unknowingly gobbled this subversion and willing succumbed to the branding culture relating the rabbit face with Hugh Hefner and Playboy, the red flag with a sickle and hammer with Communism.

Oh! what weird brains we humans have. Tsk! Tsk!


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