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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Juno!! a feel good movie to the finish!

Ever been through in a fix while contemplating the purchase or rental of a movie; the jacket can only tell you so much. To top it off, if the cover of a confused pregnant girl gives you second thoughts, you could miss out on a realy feel good movie full of spunk (not the British one) as I almost did. I finally came about watching Juno after reading a column by Dubby Bhagat on the Himalayan Times English daily.

A twenty some year old Ellen Page in her depiction of the 16 year old headstrong girl, who ends up pregnant by her best friend simply because she felt bored one sullen night, is definitely a precious find. She fits snugly in her role of a 16 year old teenager and has been nominated for an Oscar for the award-worthy performance that she's delivered.

The direction is lucid and the actors provide a rivetting performance. The script that is the best part about the movie is quick and witty; if you are not fast enough, you just might miss out on a moment. I liked the ones by Juno and her step mom best - acerbic and yet funny, sardonic at times. Cody Diablo, a screenwriter debut provides the winning combination for the film. The sound track is just right and there's very little wrong with the film and is a hands down Oscar winner!!!


patrick said...

i assumed Juno was directed by the same guy that directed Knocked Up because it's about an unexpected pregnancy, and Michael Cera stars as Juno's boyfriend (he was one of the goofy kids from Superbad, a close relative of Knocked Up), but it turns out this is not the case

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