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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Exhibitionists protest yellow journalism

This is truly a first for me, and I laughed my arse off (LMAO) when I came across this photo essay.

In a conservative Nepalese society, exposing your arse in public is a definite taboo and yet five, among a handful disgruntled protestors, affiliated to "Mano kranti Abhiyan" stripped and strode stark naked in New Road to protest against yellow journalism in Nepal. Chafed at the Nepalese media who failed to cover Mano kranti Abhiyan's self assessed feats of grandeur like attempts at a nationwide walk, walks on fire, broken glass and stinging nettle among others, the men stripped and exhibited their buttocks & genitals in public. And there's more likely to be more (according to, the group plan on having female members strip and create road blockades in the near future)

In my personal opinion, their solution to a not so rampant problem was a cheap publicity stunt. Sadly for them, and most amusingly, most Nepalese media houses chose not to cover the event. Both and, failed to recognize this stunt as news.

For the full photo essay by Kabindra Man Shakya, visit


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