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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The climate change dilemma!

I understand that the Climate Change is indeed an inevitable thing and that we humans are responsible for a major part of it (if not all of it) as stated by big brother Al Gore and The IPCC secretariat. There's probably hard science behind it and maybe a bit of it has been manipulated to get the attention of us, dumb wits.

Cutting down on your carbon footprint, managing your waste (Reduce, Reuse, Recyle and Refuse and a lot more Rs in the line up), leaving something for the future (the future generation) definitely sound good and are noble efforts. The Clean Development Mechanism, the Joint Implementation mechanisms, courtesy the Kyoto Protocol look good on paper and are good tea time chit-chats.

This is something what plagues my mind - why would anyone go out of their way to save something for the future (generation)?

As long its not my ass on the line, why would I even budge a finger?

Save the pro bono crap and philantrophy bull - why would anyone care any more if an island (Tuvalu and Kiribati) is kicked off the world map or if a mountain community is led to extinction courtesy a flash flood incident?


Anonymous said...

hehehe!! wonderful insight!!

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