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Friday, 2 May 2008

Blame it on the climate!!

Food for thought -
  • the evenings here in Kathmandu are windier; the days are equally warmer (summer is in). But is it earlier than usual?
  • brief heavy showers tag along, while thunder and lightning punctuate the dark evenings (we still have a few hours of load shedding in spite of the recent lax in the load shedding hours). 
  • Running water from the government issued taps are always "no shows" (apparently the water levels in our reservoir has gone down).
  • I got bit by a mosquito the other day which is pretty abnormal this time of the year;
  •  The bitch (I mean the she-dog) at home is in season (estrus/heat) again unlike last year when this incident only happened once around October.
  • Additionally, news about food shortage, droughts constantly plague the media  
Are these all events courtesy of the much dreaded Climate Change

My inferences blaming the climate for the aberrant weather or my dog's inclination for fornication mean diddly squat scientifically. Yet, I am happy to adjudge all blame for all things unexplained, on the ubiquitous Climate Change.

The aforementioned events might have been benign and have never crossed my mind (or anyone else's for that matter), had it not been for the offhanded association of all things abnormal with Climate Change/Global Warming. Constant mongering of the hazards, catastrophes associated with Climate Change have made CC ubiquitous. Every other person in the sane world has his/her say  on CC and everyone pitches in their say just for the kicks.

If it is something unexplained, blame it on the Climate, much like when our forefathers blamed God for every misfortune they encountered. I do remember reading of the Mayans and Aztecs (scientific civilisations in their own right) who made mass human sacrifices to appease the gods each year. I only wonder what lies in store when it comes to appeasing the Climate Change God. 

Taking stock of what controls we have taken to date, a few steps towards abating the effects of Climate Change include
and a lot more......

We are doing our bit to save the world from the omnipresent danger of Climate change. We are dead certain that Climate change is happening but haven't been able to pinpoint when this calamity is to come or to what extent the damages will be. We have only speculated the extent of the damages as Climate science still remains a big conundrum. After all, climate change is but a science and like all sciences is prone to errors,  misinterpretations and the likes.

Note: I am a firm supporter that Climate Change is for real, but the fact the facts are often misconstrued and most make a buck without even making a dent on the problem at hand, bugs me.


sandeep said...

DUDE did u write each and evry word by ur self,
if yes, we need to talk,

Utsav Maden said...

very much so! My blog, my rules!!!!

tequila said...

Mote when did you start writing this good. Man u gotta help me writing few stuffs in the future, hope to see you soon dude.

Nishesh Chalise said...

Mote really well written. I could see a little bit of the Ass's (Nepali times) influence creeping in which is great to read but dont go over board so that people forget the issue at hand and muse themselves with the comics. Great tero khatra improve bhayecha. said...

Well written mote. Ya, mote the increase in heat due to the climate change might have made the bitches hot a bit earlier.

But there are greater concerns than these. Personally, I find the main cause of global warming, the u.s. suffer more nowadays due to weekly hurricane which are mostly caused by the heating of water at the central Atlantic.

A bit of gora sacrifice the hindu way or the ancient latin way calm the hot ocean water.

nicely written piece of work.

Utsav Maden said...

The bitch (she-dog) was/is in heat primarily because it's what they do unlike what I speculated earlier - two litters a year is normal for all dogs.

Katrina, Gustav is all another issue!
I am not saying that Climate Change isn't happening and is all a big sham. I am just worried that today ever nick and crumble is associated with Climate Change (at times, just for the kicks) which is unhealthy.

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