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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

facebook lite! Got an invite but no preview, damn the slow internet :(

I got an invite to Facebook lite, today.

Here's what the text looked like...

“You have been selected as a beta tester for Facebook Lite!

We are building a faster, simpler version of Facebook that we call Facebook Lite. It’s not finished yet and we have plenty of kinks to work out, but we would love to get your feedback on what we have built so far.

Check out Facebook Lite now at”

It seems like I am among thousands of other Facebookers who got the invite to try out the new beta product. Mashable puts it as a new and direct shot over Twitter’s bow.

But I can't seem to make much of it because the Internet was pretty slow today. Friends in Kathmandu are also complaining, querying about the slow Internet.

One mentioned that this is due to a breakdown of a data centre in Taiwan ( which also happens to serve as our Internet backbone)

I Googled "Taiwan data centre Internet in Nepal slow " if its covered on Google news and this is what I got.

I guess the torrent download have to wait (not illegal btw, You wish!)

You might want to head over to Mashable to get to know the new Facebook lite


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