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Monday, 27 July 2009

Panoramic image from Muktinath, Mustang

A compact digital camera, high resolution photos of landscapes from the Muktinath area, free software with a wonderful free algorithm.

What do you get?
A panoramic photo as a showcase for your blog! Hurray!

View from a bench inside the Mukti chhetra

I found this wonderful stitching software (Hugin) on  Wikipedia's  Graphics  labs. It allows you to stitch images together into one big panoramaic image (see above)

If you know what projections are and don't mind tinkering with software, a panoramic image is just a breeze.

P.S.: Would not recommend it if you are running low on processing power.


Anonymous said...

Thank you soo much...I ve been using Hugin for two weeks now, and have made like 10 Panoramas....All with photos like 25-26...An advise to other users: dont make too many photos overlap in the same region, or there'll be even more distortions...

*Runil said...


I am Shirish, a reporter at the Kathmandu Post, and am doing a feature for the Saturday special on Blogging. The piece will come on 29th August, 09. I read your blog at, and was wondering if you could be so kind as to answer some of my queries. I cannot guarantee that you will be quoted, but your help will definitely let the readers know more of blogging in Nepal.

You may answer all, or any question you feel like answering. You may provide any extra information, and your name, real or an ID, but must understand that you may be quoted by the Post. Please mail your answers to

What is your occupation?

What age group do you think you fall in: <16, 16-31, 31-49, 49-65, above 65?

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How many bloggers do you think are there in Nepal?

Do you regularly read other bloggers? How many, and how many are Nepali?

Do you believe that a blog can really make a difference? If yes, How?

I hope the questions are not too bothersome.

Happy Writing!


Utsav Maden said...

@anonymous: u'r welcome!
@runil: sent you an email.

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