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Thursday, 5 February 2009

been busy, but did precious little!

My rants haven't surfaced on the blogosphere this new year, mainly because I have been busy. :(

I haven't been working 24/7 this past month - I simply haven't had the opportunity. As a matter of fact, I got very little done this past month. And yes, the primary reason has been this rather intermittent supply of electricity that has engulfed my country. Tuning my biological clock to the rather awkward timings of the NEA issued load shedding schedules to catch up on work, emails, readings and my word processing needs ( which did require waking up at wee hours in the night to use the computer), I simply haven't had the time or the motivation to blog this past month.

There have been a few incidents worthy of blogging like the mention of my earlier post on the national crisis at global voices, scoring 117 on the internet based TOEFL after having had very little time to prepare and almost losing my deaf dog's limb due to carelessness and dawdling.

But with a fixed window of opportunity provided in shifts of four hours each to a total of eight hours in a day, you can do very little and blogging comes in the least priority zone. And having to juggle those precious few hours (read moments) with your siblings on semester break who desperately want to watch the Korean flick recently procured from Maha Boudha and check up on Facebook, or your little cousins on holiday (little imps who come rushing into your room carrying a cartoon flick pestering you to put it on for them at the slightest hint of the electricity) in between your own needs becomes a nightmare.


Emilio said...

Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!

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