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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Bottled Water woes

Blogger Diane Francis at the Huffingtonpost writes about bottled water: The height of stupidity, where she mentions the cost aspects of the bottled water sold in the departmental stores across the States. She also draws up interesting maths to support her connotation as can be seen in the figure below (taken off the same article).

Here in Nepal too, bottled water is a booming business. With nifty taglines -"pure packaged mineral water" or "100% natural spring water", as the packaged bottles seem to have had mineral additives added post collection from far flung Himalayan springs, "mineral water" is a common corner store item.

With population ever on the rise and water shortage rampant across the valley, corner depots selling unlabelled water jars are ever on the rise. With quite a number of such water depots "caught in the act" selling contaminated packaged water, negligence is still rampant.

Boiled or filtered water serves the [drinking] purpose just fine. But, yet some ignoramus few tend to make it a point to bottled water. Tsk! Tsk!! Afflicted with amoeboid dysentery even after having stuck to mineral water alone must be a sorry sight (even though at no fault of your own).


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