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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Collaboration over the internet

Various hosted services provide tools for collaborative work spaces with features that cater to collaborative work, often allowing users (collaborators) with varied technical strengths to collaborate on any given idea.

A mailing list that allows the first mode of “one to many” connections is, perhaps the most evident communication tool that users are accustomed to. But again, this technology is considered very Web 1.0.

However, mailing lists (read discussion groups/fora) are still considered important to support diverse thematic discourses. There are plenty around - Mountain forum holds/supports discourses on sustainable mountain development), PPGIS’s primary focus is on for Participatory Geographic Information systems), FSN forum facilitates discussion related to food security. There are plenty others which host their discussion fora or Dgroups.

Wikis and blogs

Wikis and blogs are web-centric tools used for collaboration but each has a set associated audience. Wikis allows confluence where collaborators converge on ideas. Examples of successful wiki based projects include Wikipedia, Wikia, Wikispaces and numerous others.


Blogs, in turn are useful tools when chronicling ideas, thoughts or stages of an effort amidst a work group or more and seeking feedback from the same. Typepad, Wordpress and Blogger are popular web based platforms that allow users to become publishers.


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