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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Reconsidering the Ubuntu distro again!!

I just learned that I had it all wrong in my earlier post about Ubuntu not supporting PPPoE. While trying to help out another newbie in the local FOSS-Nepal google group, I stood corrected. It seems the guy who answered my query in the Ubuntu forums had it all wrong or may have prejudged my condition/problem.

An aficionado on the Ubuntu system and existing conditions of the Nepalese internet network pointed out my errornous judgement on the Ubuntu system and was keen to solve my problem.

But again, my interest into a whole new system still handicapped without audio or video codec had already waned. Besides, I am a bit preoccupied with learning other things that are of immediate importance.

Nevertheless, I know now for certain that Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon is not an easy bite to chew off. The uber-nerds at the FOSS-Nepal forum are considering a local repository for the Ubuntu distribution, so that Nepalese connected to the internet with relatively low bandwidth need not wait hours to download dependent modules for a single progam. That will definitely be a breather and perhaps an incentive towards reinstalling the Ubuntu system.

Till then, adios muchacha to the Ubuntu distro.


dtrostis said...

Try Linux Mint, ( is a derivative of Ubuntu,so it works very similar, but it comes with sound and video codecs by default.

It also has some customized tools that will make your life easier.


Utsav said...

thanks, will consider it....

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