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Monday, 24 March 2008

Random Photoshop antics yet again!!

I give you the horny he goat (no pun intended). He is a stud at the demonstration site from work and entertains quite a number of female goats, levying a collection for each insemination that he carries out. He does resemble the GNU operating system mascot - the Gnu.

I am told he is a special breed brought in from the Philippines specially for the task that is his forte. This breed and his fellow Nubian com padre, who is even bigger in size, have been at it (sowing their seeds in the Himalayan nation) for quite some time now.

Its all in a day's work for the feisty duo. All this is done for a just cause - more mutton for the tables (Fire away, dudes!!!).

The images were taken at the risk of being gored by the huge beasts and should not be used without permission. =]


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