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Monday, 11 June 2007

On what fafda jalebi is !!!

fafda jalebi is my niche on the web, created just so that I can share my ramblings, rants and raves with fellow netizens. 

Q:Why the name?
A: I wanted to start with a unique name.

Q:Why settle for fafda jalebi of all the other available concoctions?
: I have always had a sweet-tooth and also because of a particular incident that still brings a smile on my face.

Q: What of the incident?

A: While
discussing Indian cuisine and desserts in particular over a breakfast or lunch session at the SSDS workshop in Bangalore, a fellow participant (and a very dear friend) burst out,
"Have you tried any fafda jalebi? "
His sudden outburst, and introduction to a completely new entity had all of us laughing; a very nasal tone must have added to the humour. What followed were his exuberant raves about fafdajalebi and us cracking up even more.

Throughout the workshop, everyone called him by his new nickname - fafda jalebi. The name has stuck on my head ever since.

update on Oct 12, 2008
For the unordained millions and the confused housewives who ended up on my blog searching for a recipe for fafda jalebi.

Q:So, what exactly is fafda jalebi?
A: Fafda jalebi, is this supposedly salty sweet concoction of fafda and jalebi that Gujratis and residents of Ahmedabad love. This is a seriously popular Indian delicacy popular around Dussera.

jalebi from flickr
photo by Chiragkpatel on flickr

jalebis by Andra Kirkby
photo byAndrea Kirkby on Flickr

Q: Have I tried any?
A: Sadly, no! But I hope to!

Q: Do I have a recipe?
A: Nope, but they do:

P.S: In case, you were looking for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), and ended up here.. stop typing with just one hand... or get a typing tutor.. :)

P.S: Do let me know, how your fafda jalebi turned out in the comments section.



pryd said...

hie utsav...i HAVE to be the first on to post the comment..indeed ! this writing really brought a 'FAFDA-size' smile on my face :-). thnx for that. n in no case i would have minded (even if u would have mentioned it with my name.ur blog n versatile writing (as always) reminded me those 3 days (especially our drink together). now u need to come here n will serve u fafdas n jalebis in breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, etc., etc...:-)

really the name is as unique as u.
n definitely u can try the recipe at home once n let us knw the results !


kinley said...

OMG Utsav...u talk bout fafda jalebis and leave out the words "pissing and pissing"......ofcourse with the mastermind's actions....i thought these waords were funnier and the base for the humour.....That was one FUN incident...

Utsav Maden said...

@prxl: thanks for you comments. Hope to try them some day, hopefully at your place.

@kinley: Now that you told me, everything came coming back vividly! On forethought, pissing wouldn't have been an appropriate blog name.

pryd said...

hie to all..kinley rly reminded me of the action...i think u guys had a blast on it...n wil alws have wenever u wil remember that...n btw hppy diwali n a properous new year to all..its our new year tmrw..Presently m wrkng as an Asst Coordinator for Educational Progms with ANALA its an organization into Outdoor Environment Education.
Thats all frm my side.

Where have u been till now?
no wat u doing lately?keep posting..

wats up wid u apart frm this blog..?ne plans of coming to India?

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